speaking & teaching

speaking & teaching


The following courses are those Dr. Oxhandler has taught or currently teaches at Baylor University’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work.

Spirituality & Social Work Practice (BSW/MSW)
Quantitative Research for Social Work (PhD)
Measurement in Social Work Research (PhD)
Research for Social Work Practice (MSW)
Research Seminar & Project (MSW)
Social Work Research (BSW)
Data Analysis for Social Workers (BSW)

upcoming speaking opportunities

For previous speaking opportunities, please check out Dr. Oxhandler’s curriculum vitae.

Church Mental Health Summit (October 10) – content is available all year
Gil Taylor Behavioral Symposium (October 30 and November 6)
Council on Social Work Education (November 16-20) – for those who register for CSWE’s annual program meeting
Private webinar for a group of Texas nonprofits (November 17)
National At-Home Dad Network (November – Date TBD)

podcast episodes

In addition to hosting the weekly CXMH podcast, Dr. Oxhandler has also been a guest on other podcasts.

Social Work Podcast: Episode 128 (08.22.20)
Poema Podcast: Season 6 Episode 34 (07.27.20)
Baylor Connections Podcast: Episode 328 (07.17.20)
When I Was Your Age Podcast: Episode 4 (07.07.20)
PCOM Podcast: “Dr. Holly Oxhandler on mental health warning signs + how to get help for yourself and others “ (05.21.20)
The #AskSteveAustin Podcast: Episode 79 (09.16.18)
CXMH Podcast: Episode 39 (04.30.18)
CXMH Podcast: Episode 38 (04.23.18)
The #AskSteveAustin Podcast: Episode 55 (03.11.18)
CXMH Podcast: Episode 31- “Does it matter if your therapist is Christian?” (02.13.18)
The Good Neighbear Podcast: Episode 19 (12.18.17)