speaking & teaching

speaking & teaching


The following courses are those Dr. Oxhandler has taught or currently teaches at Baylor University’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work.

Spirituality & Social Work Practice (BSW/MSW)
Quantitative Research for Social Work (PhD)
Measurement in Social Work Research (PhD)
Research for Social Work Practice (MSW)
Research Seminar & Project (MSW)
Social Work Research (BSW)
Data Analysis for Social Workers (BSW)

If you are interested in receiving more information about our BSW, MSW or PhD programs, please visit our admissions site.

upcoming speaking opportunities

For previous speaking opportunities, please check out Dr. Oxhandler’s curriculum vitae.

Fabled Bookshop (Waco, TX | March 1, 2022)
UBC Waco (Waco, TX | March 16, 2022)
Look Up Conference (Hosted by Lutheran Foundation; Fort Wayne, IN | May 12, 2022)

podcast episodes

In addition to hosting the weekly CXMH podcast, Dr. Oxhandler has also been a guest on other podcasts.

Enneagram and Coffee: Seeing the sacred in yourself so you can see it in others with Holly Oxhandler (05.20.22)
The Better Samaritan Podcast: Seven crucial steps for self-care so you can care for others. (04.18.22)
Makers & Mystics Podcasts: The Soul of The Helper with Holly Oxhandler (04.11.22.)
Walk a Little Slower: Bonus Episode! The Soul of a Helper: A Conversation with Dr. Holly Oxhandler (04.07.22)
All Shall Be Well: Conversations with Women in the Academy and Beyond: Holly Oxhandler: The Soul of the Helper (04.05.22)
The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast: Episode 65: Finding soul care for fellow helpers & caregivers with Dr. Holly Oxhandler (03.07.22)
It Was Either This Or…Podcast: The Soul of a Helper (03.04.22)
The Learner’s Corner: Episode 275: Holly Oxhandler on how mental health and spirituality are connected and learning to see the sacred in yourself so you can see it in others (03.02.22)
Hope Made Strong Podcast: Episode 25: The Soul of the Helper with Dr. Holly Oxhandler (02.24.22)
Faith and Feminism Podcast: Episode 168: Religion, spirituality, and mental health (01.25.22)
Spark My Muse Podcast: Episode 209: How helpers can get care they need: Guest, Holly Oxhandler (01.19.22)
Faith + Mental Health Podcast: The Soul of the Helper with Dr. Holly Oxhandler (01.10.22)
Jesus Said Love Podcast: Soul of the helper: Holly Oxhandler, PhD (12.21.21)
CXMH: Christianity & Mental Health: Episode 143: Seeing the Sacred in ourselves and each other (feat. Dr. Holly Oxhandler) (12.06.21)
A Writer’s Diary with Charlotte Donlon: Holly Oxhandler: Navigating grief and gratitude after completing copyedits(10.01.21)
Empowered to Empower You Podcast: Incorporating Christianity into mental health. (07.19.21)
Therapy as a Christian Podcast: The research behind why faith is valuable in therapy (06.06.21)
The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast: How faith & therapy integrate in mental health treatments (02.08.21)
Simple and Deep Podcast: Episode 7 (12.15.20)
The Thoughtful Counselor: Episode 193 (11.17.20)
Social Work Podcast: Episode 128 (08.22.20)
Poema Podcast: Season 6 Episode 34 (07.27.20)
Baylor Connections Podcast: Episode 328 (07.17.20)
When I Was Your Age Podcast: Episode 4 (07.07.20)
PCOM Podcast: “Dr. Holly Oxhandler on mental health warning signs + how to get help for yourself and others “ (05.21.20)
The #AskSteveAustin Podcast: Episode 79 (09.16.18)
CXMH Podcast: Episode 39 (04.30.18)
CXMH Podcast: Episode 38 (04.23.18)
The #AskSteveAustin Podcast: Episode 55 (03.11.18)
CXMH Podcast: Episode 31- “Does it matter if your therapist is Christian?” (02.13.18)
The Good Neighbear Podcast: Episode 19 (12.18.17)