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Hi friends! Happy start to the new semester, to a new academic year, or to the hopeful transition into cooler weather soon (especially for those of us in Texas!) I have some exciting research I’ll be sharing with y’all soon… but in the meantime, I wanted to pop in to offer an exciting update that I am joining Robert Vore as a new cohost for the CXMH podcast!

I am thrilled, humbled, grateful, and honored to join Robert this season! Our first episode came out on Monday, in which Robert introduced me as the new cohost and asked me a bunch of questions. In sum, I told him about the heartbeat behind my research, teaching, and service is at the intersection of religion/spirituality and mental health treatment — including mental health care providers ethically integrating clients’ faith AND equipping religious leaders to be mindful of/sensitive to mental health needs in their congregations (and referring when needed!). I also told Robert my why is to…

serve those who serve others

…which fits beautifully with this podcast, designed to serve mental health care providers, pastors/religious leaders, and anyone impacted by mental health struggles – personally or a loved one. (ps. if you’re interested in learning more about identifying your why, check out Simon Sinek’s Start with Why).

Our hope is this podcast continues to serve others in the weeks and months ahead! AND since we’re so excited about launching season 3 this week, we also released an episode on the History of CXMH (on Robert’s birthday!) Please subscribe, share episodes with friends and loved ones, and let us know how these conversations serve you! And if you would like to support the podcast, there are a lot of ways to do so, as mentioned at the bottom of the episode show notes! (The simplest is leaving us a review – it helps so much!)

And here are the links to both episodes…



Thanks, friends! I hope you each have a great start to September!



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