a prayer before the fall begins

Hi friends,

I wanted to pop in to offer a brief prayer for those of you about to launch into a new semester or season of life, but especially for those starting a new school year…

…for our kids who are bravely facing a new year, new classroom, new grade, new classmates, new teachers, and new unknowns

…for parents and loved ones who have butterflies for our kiddos’ first days (like me!)
…for teachers who are praying over their new class and the lessons of the year, double and triple checking their to do lists
…for administrators overseeing an overwhelming number of details, tasks, and concerns for our kids, families, and school staff
…for custodial staff who will are working tirelessly to ensure a clean and safe learning environment for our kids
…for nurses who will soon be fighting the influx of germs and anxiety among our kids as everyone is back together
…for the lunch team who feed our hungry (and energetic!) kiddos each day
…for the bus drivers who pick up and drop off our kids safely each day
…for the after-school teams who continue to care for our kids while parents and caregivers work
…for the school counselors who see a spike in assessments and appointments to best serve our kids
…and for all of us in the community to drive safely, to be patient as our kids transition back in school, and to extend grace to one another and ourselves as we find a new balance/rhythm in the shifting season.

I am certain I am missing some key helpers who are serving kids, families, and teachers, but if you are engaged in serving these groups in any way during this time of year, I want to pause before tomorrow launches in our corner of the world and say how much you matter. Thank you for how you’re building a better tomorrow for our kiddos, one day, one idea, one encouragement, and one patient and kind moment at a time (toward our kids, others, and yourself). Thank you. I hope you each have a great start to the new academic year!




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